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At BIONET, practical integration of knowledge derived from research as well as that gained from our clients’ experience happens on a continuous manner. This is vital to our evolution as a company and to the technological development and success of our products.

An example of this is the effort that we deploy in adapting the design of our fermenters’ agitation systems to each particular project. We do not show ourselves content to simply apply the standards (in terms of components and considered scale-up parameters) as a whole. Instead we perform meticulous calculations and simulations to ensure that the whole of the technological solution we select and the safety measures we incorporate are the most suitable to our clients’ broth and process.

By investing in this we contribute our grain of sand to improve our clients’ bioprocesses productivity at different levels:

• Improvement of the quality of the product (by the adaptation of the stirrer size, type and agitation parameters to the specific process requirements).

• Assurance of the integrity of all agitation components, that could be compromised when special agitation conditions apply, and enhancement of the cost-effectiveness of the projects. In order to achieve this, our mechanical engineering department performs, among others, agitation and design calculations that combined with the use of advanced stress simulation tools, allow us to validate or modify our designs accordingly to meet special requirements.

• Optimization of energy costs, which are often higher than they should be as a result of an inefficient design of the agitation components or and overestimation of the requirements. This is usually unperceived since it does not necessarily has a direct negative impact on the product.


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