An ideal entry level autoclavable benchtop bioreactor for a range of microbial and cell culture R&D activities for the agro-, food-, cosmetics- and biopharma industries as well as training and education purposes.

What are the common characteristics that microbial bioreactors share in its core design:

Its design is based on:

  • User-friendliness, while providing advanced instrumentation and automation options.
  • Cost-effectiveness and premium quality of components, which eases maintenance and enhances fast delivery.
  • Modularity derived from the Plug&Play -concept, which allows for expansion of additional functionalities in the future.

By configuration

By application

Basic Configuration

Interchangeable jacketed vessels of 1, 3, 5, 8 and 10 liters

Interchangeable borosilicate vessels in a range of volumes for different uses

The vessels are available in a wide range of working volumes and in different geometries for microbial and cell culture.

Its interchangeability derives from the existence of shared vessel supports and agitator motor.

Bioreactor lid

A functional lid for ergonomic and flexible operation

The design of the lid offers a wide variety of operation possibilities, as well as ergonomic handling and maintenance.

High number of ports provides functional versatility, as the ports allow for input and output of information and material, including sampling.

A precise and adaptable agitation module with simple maintenance

Top agitation provides additional flexibility to agitator geometry. For control see ROSITA.

f0 pump

A premium quality flexible pump configuration with advanced control

The F0-BABY is delivered with 3 precise and linear peristaltic fixed speed pumps and the option of the integration of up to 4 additional pumps with variable speed, which allows Fed-batch and Continuous Processes among others.

Gas module

A customizable gas module with advanced control options

Includes 2 gas lines with MFCs, allowing for effective control of DO with automatic feedback loops, through sparger or overlay. Flexibility is provided by the possibility of including other gas lines, in the form of the Flexible Gas Module, or the Advanced Gas Module. For control see ROSITA.

Interchangeable f0 vessels

A simple, effective and easy-to-maintain temperature control system

The temperature control consists of an internal pneumatic circuit, a cooling finger and a heating blanket as actuators.

The temperature control, with a range of °C: 10 – 55 °C, is exerted efficiently for most types of cells.

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Possibilities for future expansion – Plug&Play

The presence of accessible spare signals and wired connectors allows for future integration of additional instrumentation and actuators, and Bionet’s bSmart Modules in a Plug&Play fashion.

Includes an external touch PC and a license of ROSITA software

This bioprocess automation software comprises a full SCADA for control visualization and registry of data for the bioprocess activity, with the possibility of alarms, recipes, user profiles and remote control. For more information see ROSITA.


A full ecosystem of tools
within a single design environment.

  • bBreath
    The Plug&Play module you need to carry out O2/CO2 composition analysis of your bioreactor exhaust gas (i.e. metabolic predictions) and get the maximum of this data to enhance the quality and productivity of your process.
  • bVSP
    he Variable Speed Pump (bVSP) is the module you need when expanding the number of freely assignable pumps to cover multiple additions or withdrawal/harvesting actions according to a number of feeding/bleeding profiles or advanced controls.
  • bCPM
    The Plug&Play module you need to carry out different continuous strategies for an increase in your bioprocess productivity.
  • bScale
    The bScale is the Plug&Play module that you need for the connection of scales, from a range of scale precisions and brands used in lab and production settings.
  • Other Add-Ons
    The Plug&Play module you need to carry out O2/CO2 composition analysis of your bioreactor exhaust gas (i.e. metabolic predictions) and get the maximum of this data to enhance the quality and productivity.
  • Upstream Services
    We reduce the "time-to-market" of new bioproducts thanks to our expertise to provide a holistic bioprocess solution. We do this by accompanying our equipment with a range of process services that help clientes to take crucial decisions and support them all the way through the selection and operation of the technologies, and the acquisition of the scientific knowledge necessary to enhance the potential of the process. This includes Upstream Proof-of-Concept Trials, Upstream Optimization Services, Bioprocess Scale-Up, Installation and training and Fermentation Courses.

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