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The bioprocess industry is at the moment a dynamic one, with many new bioprocesses coming in as well as others being at the spotlight for optimization. At Bionet we are constantly exploring new ways in which the bioprocess applications can find their highest potential, and as good scientists we need to support these words with data. By clicking in this section a selection of Scientific Publications by Bionet’s application specialists will be selected for you.

Productivity enhancement of B. subtilis by cascade continuous fermentation

The majority of microbial fermentations are performed in batch or fedbatch mode, further increasing energy consumption and steps, limiting the productivity, conducting high costs. In some cases, these limitations are based on the equipment and technologies available [1]. The successful establishment of open production process based on continuous mode will lead to reducing the production […]

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Effect of fermentation defoaming agents on TFF

Tangential flow filtration (TFF), also known as cross flow filtration (CFF), comprises a rising technology in the last decades for the dewatering, isolation, and concentration of products of interest (e.g. biomolecules, metabolites and cells) from bioprocesses. Tangential Flow fitlration consists on the passage of the product feed in parallel to the surface of the filtering […]

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