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We all know about the importance of having industry peers to share and discuss our experiences with. We are often aware of the things that we would like to do better but don’t have time to empirically test them and improve them. At Bionet we are aware of how important and rewarding finding the right advice at the right time can be. By clicking in this section you will get a selection of a series of White Papers by Bionet’s Experts, Collaborators and Clients on a variety of process experimental and operational issues.


For the controlled production of microorganisms or living systems, gasification needs are always a criticalpart of the process regardless of its phase and its configuration can be challenging.Versatility and reliability are essential, on the one hand to find the conditions that optimize the processand on the other hand to reproduce the conditions entered from the […]

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5 steps into Scale-Up of Microbial Fermentation

Planning the jump into Industrial is a challenging experience that all successful bioprocesses and bioprocesists go through. With many factors having to be taken into account (at the biological, biochemical, mechanical levels among others), there is no other option than to follow a plan. What is the process information that cannot be dismissed? What process […]

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Never give anything for granted when it comes to cultivating mammalian cells!

It is widely agreed that the most important quality factor of a bioreactor is its capacity to keep its inside sterile throughout the whole process and despite the number of operational human interactions that will take part during such period, including sampling and harvesting steps. Therefore, it is widely assumed that a bioreactor will do […]

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