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BIONET is a leading manufacturer of laboratory, pilot and industrial equipment and software for the bioprocessing industry, as well as a provider of advanced bioprocess-related services for companies that want to produce biomolecules through microbial fermentation or through cell culturing processes.

This way, our clients are industries and R&D organizations which work with bioprocesses all across the globe. We work with them directly by offering state of the art technology, with a practical approach and tailored to the particular needs of the project and company. We also count with a number of distributors that help us be present globally, providing solutions efficiently and with high quality standards.

We are an independent company, founded in 1999, dedicated with passion and professionalism to bioprocess engineering and with a vast number of clients and references.

As a designer and manufacturer of equipment we provide Bioreactors/Fermenters, Tangential Filtration, other auxiliary equipment (e.g. Cleaning In Place Systems) and automation software solutions. For industrial clients we provide complete bioproduction plants, in which we integrate our proprietary equipment with technologies from other leading vendors (e.g. centrifuges, homogenizers, etc), and provide unique centralized automation solutions for all these technologies to work jointly.

As a provider of services we support our clients all the way through the technology- election, qualification, operation and maintenance activities through a pilot plant for the performance of proof-of-concept trials and the availability of specialists in the optimization of downstream processes and in the operation and maintenance of laboratory and industrial plants.

Mission, Vision and Values

How we understand our work and the relationship with our clients.


To help our clients to reach their R&D, productivity and profitability goals of their bioprocesses by addressing their needs with our equipment and engineering services.


To be the European leader of equipment and engineering services for the bio-based industries and the industrialization of bioprocesses.


Bionet’s human team works under a culture of excellence, embodied in three basic principles:

  • Technology and Innovation: we seek continuous improvement of our products and services to deliver the best solutions in the market in two aspects technical capacity and profitability results.
  • Commitment to the customer: our success is the success of the project as a whole (technology, economics and social). We do this by contributing to the R&D and/or production objectives. are flexible and adapt in each case to the availability and capabilities of the customer.
  • Details that matter: in order to meet the client needs in such dynamic sector as the biotechnology one, being excellent becomes a must. With this objective in mind the work developed at Bionet is focused in the improvement of our solutions even in the smallest of the details, which at the end makes a difference.


In BIONET, quality is part of our core culture and we work under a certified quality management system, based on ISO 9001:2015, certified by AENOR.

Our work methodology throughout the projects’ lifecycle (conceptual design, detail design, construction, commissioning and start-up) meets the engineering standards by the strictest sectors.

We execute our work by applying GMPs methodologies, in a full documented engineering environment, according to the following diagram:

On demand, the design and qualification may be executed according to GMPc standards in which we can qualify the equipment with DQ, IQ, and OQ.


At BIONET, innovation is a central axis in all departments. We employ great effort and resources towards research and development for both the development of our products and services, and also jointly with other companies and projects for the development of new production processes within the bio- arenas.

Our R&D expertise in technology apply to the following:

  • Bioreactors’ and fermenters’ mechanical details, aiming at more beautiful, easier and cleaner equipment designs.
  • Integration of in-situ Process Analytical Technologies within our software solutions for the complete automation of bioprocesses.
  • Filtration and separation processes on bioproducts.
  • Continuous processes through the combination of bioreactors and downstream membranes.

Our capacities in R&D are oriented to:

  • The design and construction of pilot plants, prototypes and demo equipment.
  • Process development and process demonstration activities.
  • Conceptual engineering and economic models for bioprocess scale-up.

Likewise, we are part of international R&D institutions and organizations, such as





Examples of funded R&D projects in which we are involved include:






Our activity at BIONET is based on knowledge and talent. Hence we seek this talent in women and men with a vocation for engineering and technology, an ambition to learn and improve as well as interest in joining a diverse and highly professional team.

Bionet News

  • Bionet News

    Proyecto AD-VISOR

    “VALORIZACIÓN INTEGRAL DE SUBPRODUCTOS ANIMALES PARA LA PRODUCCIÓN DE BIOPLÁSTICOS Y BIOMETANO” El objetivo general del proyecto AD-VISOR es el desarrollo de un sistema de valorización integral de residuos cárnicos y subproductos animales no destinados a consumo humano (SANDACH) en el entorno de una EDAR para la producción de bioplásticos (polihidroxialcanoatos de cadena media o mcl-PHA) y de biometano como combustible vehicular. Expediente – 00111839/ ITC-20181179 Lugar de ejecución: Guijuelo (SALAMANCA) Plazo de ejecución del 01/10/2018 al 31/12/2020 Presupuesto Total: 1.379.151,00 €    Este proyecto ha sido cofinanciado por el […]

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  • Bionet News

    BIONET’s contribution to Europe’s R&D

    BIONET is taking part in the EU funded project GreenProtein. The GreenProtein project aims at producing high-added value, food-grade and fully functional proteins and other food ingredients, out of vegetable residues from the packed salad processing. Our role within the project is a crucial one, consisting on the scale-up of the process and the translation between the process needs and user requirements into the design and construction of technological capacities. The project started on September 2016 will last 4,5 years and gathers nine partners from 5 different countries. GreenProtein is […]

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  • Bionet News


    “Desarrollo de un bioreactor avanzado para mejorar la productividad y flexibilidad en la fabricación de vacunas”   Resumen y objetivos   Desarrollar las tecnologías necesarias para crear un Bioreactor específico para la fabricación de vacunas que mejore la productividad y flexibilidad de los sistemas existentes en el mercado. Se trata de tratar de mejorar claves para el usuario en la fabricación de vacunas como:   Productividad mediante la mejora de los procesos y automatización avanzada que reduzca costes Flexibilidad, permitiendo producir en los mismos equipos una amplia gama de productos […]

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  • Bionet News


    In Bionet’s trajectory a lot of the work and expertise has been developed around industrial scale projects, and 2017 has been a great year for this, with bioproduction plants put in place by Bionet for clients working in the monoclonal antibodies, animal vaccine and biocide production fields in three different European countries. As a representative example, Bionet has had the opportunity to be the supplier of a Microbial Upstream Pilot Plant for the production of a monoclonal antibody for the biopharma division of Polpharma Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe company based […]

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  • Bionet News

    We expand our FATs capabilities

    We have expanded our FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) capabilities! At BIONET, we have invested heavily to expand our utilities (steam, compressed air & cooling water) at the back-stage of our facilities.

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  • Bionet News

    Hosting the second General Assembly of the European Greenprotein project at our headquarters

    We always feel excited to be part of the Bio-based Industries Consortium, where engaging with bio-projects that bring lab stories to the marketplace in which they can have a societal impact BECOMES POSSIBLE!   An example of this is the GREENPROTEIN project, which was granted a 5.5M euro to industrialize the isolation and purification of RuBisCo, a protein derived from vegetable waste, and to commercialize its production. BiONET’s role in this ambitious project is a crucial one: the scale-up of the process, from lab to industrial scale. After a year […]

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  • Bionet News


    “GREENUPGAS – Desarrollo de una tecnología de upgrading biológico para la producción de biometano en entornos agroindustriales” Resumen y objetivos El proyecto tiene como principal objetivo desarrollar la tecnología GreenUpGas o proceso biológico de purificación de biogás agroindustrial para la obtención de biometano apto para inyección en redes de gas o uso como biocarburante en vehículos. GreenUpGas será la primera tecnología de upgrading basada en un tratamiento 100% biológico contando con importantes ventajas respecto a las tecnologías de upgrading convencionales: menor coste de inversión y operación, adaptación a distintas composiciones […]

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