Isolation of Bacillussubtilis spores byTangential FlowFiltration using theBionet M1 system

 In Scientific Academy

In downstream processing (DSP), Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) is one of the best options
to separate different molecules and/or biomass according to particle size. Bacillus sp and
related products are one of the bacteria most produced by fermentation technology since it
has several applications in the biotechnology industry. The main goal in DSP operations with
Bacillus sp processes is the biomass or spores concentration or removal, depending on which is
the target product. In this work, several filtrations using the Bionet M1 TFF system have been
performed to concentrate or isolate spores using ceramic membranes of different pore sizes,
and Bacillus broth produced by batch and fed-batch modes.

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