MS Industrial TFF system

At BIONET we strive to understand your technology, production and regulation needs, to design and build the optimal solution for your Tangential Flow Filtration system.

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) is a widespread technology in industrial separation, cl

arification and concentration processes. TFF is also known as Cross Flow Filtration.

Delivering a TFF that complies with all requirements is not straight forward. Each broth, cell or protein can filtrate differently and need a customized approach in terms of type of membrane, pump technology, hydraulic design, sterilization/cleaning needs or others.

Why Bionet?

It works through separation of cells or molecules based on their size (molecular weight) with the use of a porous membrane working with a flow tangential to the separation surface (for more info see our knowledge hub)

Based on the pore size of the membrane TFF can be divided in Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis.

Built models

Our industrial experience includes systems for filtration of mAbs, recombinan proteins, insulin, enzymes, APIs, probiotics, bioplastics, algae, biocides, vegetal proteins and many others.

We have made Micro, Ultra and Nanofiltration industrial skids with Ceramic, Hollow Fiber, Cassettes or Spiral membranes.

These have covered main industrial sectors such as Chemical, Food and BioePharmaceutical.

Basic Configuration


BIONET filtration systems can be delivered fully automated based on our Industrial Bioprocess Automation solutions. We consider automation as an integral part of QbD and has to be developed in parallel to process, mechanical and electrical design for a system that delivers and can be qualified.


A great advantage of working with BIONET is that we are technology and vendor neutral. That means we are not tied to any membrane producers, so we will use the type of membrane (Hollow Fiber, Ceramic, Cassette, Spiral) and the membrane supplier that fits your project needs.

GMP guidelines logo


All our bioprocess skids can be delivered fully compliant with GMP-GAMP5 guidelines including DQ, IQ, OQ preparation and execution.



The right functioning of a TFF may depend not only on the technology but also auxiliary systems (filtration tanks, CIPs) that have to be integrated for a successful qualification and operation.


A full ecosystem of tools
within a single design environment.

  • bBreath
    The Plug&Play module you need to carry out O2/CO2 composition analysis of your bioreactor exhaust gas (i.e. metabolic predictions) and get the maximum of this data to enhance the quality and productivity of your process.
  • bVSP
    The Variable Speed Pump is the Plug&Play module you need to carry out substrate additions (i.e. for Fed-batch and semi-continuous processes) or withdrawal/harvesting actions according to a number of feeding/bleeding profiles.
  • bCPM
    The Plug&Play module you need to carry out different continuous strategies for an increase in your bioprocess productivity.
  • Flexible Gas Module
    This is the software module you need to be able to select other gas than air and O2, required for anaerobic processes or to use CO2 as an acidifying agent for pH control.
  • bScale
    The bScale is the Plug&Play module that you need for the connection of scales, from a range of scale precisions and brands used in lab and production settings.
  • Other Add-Ons
    The Plug&Play module you need to carry out O2/CO2 composition analysis of your bioreactor exhaust gas (i.e. metabolic predictions) and get the maximum of this data to enhance the quality and productivity.
  • Upstream Services
    We reduce the "time-to-market" of new bioproducts thanks to our expertise to provide a holistic bioprocess solution. We do this by accompanying our equipment with a range of process services that help clientes to take crucial decisions and support them all the way through the selection and operation of the technologies, and the acquisition of the scientific knowledge necessary to enhance the potential of the process. This includes Upstream Proof-of-Concept Trials, Upstream Optimization Services, Bioprocess Scale-Up, Installation and training and Fermentation Courses.
  • Clean in Place
    BIONET offers a fully integrated CIP system all in the same frame, with no extra-footprint, with a premium recirculating pump, using the dossing pumps for acid and base additions and the pH probe for control. The CIP can be done withour external devicen and controlled with the MARTA software, in which the CIP Module allows for programming of cleaning cycles in recipes. This recipes can be created and saved to allow for standardization of cleaning and productivity.
  • Temperature transmitter
    The temperature transmitter causes the upgrade of ROSITA-D to enable visualization and registration of temperature data.
  • Temperature module

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