The software solution for the F2, F3, M2 and industrial bioprocess solutions, adaptable to the specific user requirements with a range of control strategies.

MARTA provides an upgrade to conventional industrial bioprocess automatization and control, with an adaptable software package, enabling precise replicability and optimization, as well as a workflow that supports Scale Up to efficient production.

key features

Its design is:

  • Scalable, as the workflow and control strategies come directly from ROSITA and enable easy scaling to pilot and industrial scale and simple transition for operators

  • Robust and reliable, being developed on SIEMENS WINCC platform to guarantee advanced functions, and long term maintenance

  • Customizable, enabling simple and automatic integration of additional equipment and Plug&Play modules, with their specific control strategies

Basic Configuration

Marta Software

Advanced process control and automation possibilities

MARTA provides exactly the required level and complexity of control and automatization, leaving it up to the client to define the degree of manual and automatic control, by enabling a wide range of alternatives to configure your control strategies.

The operator can select for each parameter from strategies, such as direct control, Set-Point profiling, automatic control through control loops, as well as specific time-based control strategies.

Marta Software

Real-time visualization tools for a clear and intuitive performance analysis

For reliable scaling, optimization and efficient production, MARTA provides numerous tools for real-time monitorization and performance analysis of the specific batch.

These tools include summary tables, adjustable trend and comparative graphs, performance comparative analysis by allowing the plotting of different batches and calculation of process parameters.

Industrial stainless steel bioreactor

MARTA allows for a range of process strategies with a modular design

MARTA upgrades automatically its interface and functionalities upon the connection of local CIP, additional instrumentation or bSmart Modules and PATs, integrating their specific control strategies and feedback loops into MARTA’s visualization, control and data registration tools.

The bioprocess data flow is facilitated in MARTA by simple data registration and exportation.

Batch performance data is exported in CSV format, including all parameters of interest in pilot, optimization, scale up and production tasks, allowing thus appropriate data analysis and reliable batch traceability,

Marta Software Phone

Remote access facilitates monitorisation 24/7 and process control anytime and anywhere

MARTA is designed to be accessible both on-site and remotely. As the mobility of the operator is not limited by the monitorization tasks, unnecessary check ups are avoided and the operation efficiency is greatly improved.

Personal profiles to facilitate operation of processes in a team

Users can be created, protected with a password and assigned a user level with the corresponding operational permits. This is very useful, when numerous team members are involved in the operation of one equipment.


A full ecosystem of tools
within a single design environment.

  • bBreath
    The Plug&Play module you need to carry out O2/CO2 composition analysis of your bioreactor exhaust gas (i.e. metabolic predictions) and get the maximum of this data to enhance the quality and productivity of your process.
  • bVSP
    he Variable Speed Pump (bVSP) is the module you need when expanding the number of freely assignable pumps to cover multiple additions or withdrawal/harvesting actions according to a number of feeding/bleeding profiles or advanced controls.
  • bCPM
    The Plug&Play module you need to carry out different continuous strategies for an increase in your bioprocess productivity.
  • Flexible Gas Module
    This is the software module you need to be able to select other gas than air and O2, required for anaerobic processes or to use CO2 as an acidifying agent for pH control.
  • bScale
    The bScale is the Plug&Play module that you need for the connection of scales, from a range of scale precisions and brands used in lab and production settings.

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