CELL-tainer 15L rocking bioreactor

The Celltainer CT-15 is our single-use pilot bioreactor with patented two-dimensional rocking technology. Ideal for R&D, process optimization, seeding and small-scale bioproduction. It can grow at very high density E. coli, P. pastoris, fungi, plant, mammalian or human stem cells. The CT-15 offers unprecedented mixing and mass transfer at low shear and without foaming.

With extensive customization options for both equipment and bags, the Celltainer CT-15 is dedicated to meet the specific needs of your individual process, including production according to GMP guidelines.

Its design is based on:

  • High performance in terms of G/L mass transfer at low shear (allowing a multi-purpose application, unique for microbial applications >400h-1 kLa)
  • Scalability, ensured by the high working volume flexibility of 0.2L-17L in one bag (Expansion Channel system).
  • Configurable, given the equipment and bag customization options (dedicated to each individual process).

By configuration

  • Single
  • Stackable

By application

  • Microbial device (includes cooling plate and 2 pumps for acid and base)
  • Cell culture device (without cooling plate and base pump)
    Note: It is possible to use the same CELL-tainer 15L device for both microbial and cell culture applications (easy switch in software allows e.g. pH control by acid/base pump formicrobial or CO2/base pump for cell culture)

Basic Configuration

Unmatched mixing and mass transfer at low shear

Patented two-dimensional rocking motion provides optimal mixing and mass transfer at low shear. Designed to provide high kLa values of > 400 h-1, CELL-tainer bioreactors outperform comparable wave systems.
The swing angle and speed are adjustable to switch from a low-power (cell culture) to a high-power (microbial applications) configuration, depending on the need for low/high mixing and mass transfer times.

A versatile gas module with advanced control options

The CT-15 can be configured with 3 MFCs for up to 15L/min with 3 gases (for microbial device: air, O2, N2, for cell culture device: air, O2, CO2). The easy changeover in the software allows the multi-purpose use of one device for both application areas.

Precise temperature control even for very demanding microbial cultures.

A dual process temperature control system allows for precise temperature control at low and high working volume. The incubator system design allows precise and stable temperature control between 25-40 °C. Customized temperature ranges are possible on demand..

An expandable and flexible pump configuration for a variety of different applications

The CT-15 comes with one or two pumps for pH control for cell and microbial culture respectively. Remember that it does not come with an anti-foam pump because the wave created by the 2D motion acts as a foam breaker itself. Additional pumps can be installed to allow the application of different feeding profiles, including OD-controlled feeding.

Customized bag design with fast delivery

The simplicity and smart design of the CELL-tainer allows for extensive bag customization options, including additional ports, filters, connected containers for sampling and additions among others. Thanks to in-house engineering and a close and agile supply chain, we can deliver these custom solutions in a very short time.

Software options for complete control and traceability of your process

Bionet offers the CT-15 with two software options. One based on an industrial PC, for R&D and production in non-regulated industries. A second option with a version of our MARTA SW for GMP production is also available. Both provide a complete SCADA for control, visualization and data logging of the bioprocess activity, with the possibility of alarms, recipes, user profiles and remote control.


Can be designed, built and qualified according to GMP guidelines.

Our approach to GMP is structured so that design, construction and control can be tailored to your specific project and regulatory needs to enable validation of your processes from standard to GMP

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