Pilot Plant Operations

Pilot Plant Operations

We want to meet students with passion for industrial biotechnology who enjoys using and caring for scientific equipment. You want to learn how to run experiments in industrial bioprocessing and how to keep a bioprocessing laboratory operational.

You’ll fit if you are about to finish your Bachelor or Master’s degree in life science such a biotech, chemical engineering or related field and you have a B2 level what allows you to read and understand complex technical information.


  • Preparation of fermenters/bioreactors and tangential filtration systems from benchtop to pilot scale.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of fermenters/bioreactors and cross-flow filtration systems from bench to pilot scale.
  • Execution of precision fermentation and cross-flow filtration trials and tests.
  • Data analysis and calculations of precision fermentation and cross-flow filtration tests.
  • Microbiological analysis.
  • Preparation of general bioprocess laboratory materials.
  • Preparation of inoculums and culture media.
  • Maintenance of main and auxiliary equipment in the bioprocess laboratory for its correct functioning and to keep them always ready for use.
  • Collaboration in the preparation of material for contents and publications.


  • Long-term and paid internship.
  • Experience in a company with international presence and projection.
  • Young and cross-functional work environment.
  • Personalized training and mentoring liaised with your studies.

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