Bionet has a strong understanding of the regulatory particularities of the different sectors. Thereby we provide the services to adequately complement its bioprocess equipment and ensure they comply with excellence, quality, trazability and safety the authorities and customers demand.

Delivering a lab or pilot equipment or designing and building a Bioprocess Pilot or Industrial plant should be just the first phase of a fruitful relation between Supplier and Buyer. At least that is how we see it at Bionet.

The maintenance building blocks

The Support and Maintenance team at Bionet, with its well trained distributors network, is ready to provide all year-round peace of mind via:

  • Maintenance plans for our equipment and plants and scheduled maintenance visits.
  • Prompt reactive services for corrective maintenance.
  • Assets availability, with a large post-sales stock of key components and spare parts for fast delivery.
  • Training for operation and maintenance.
  • A complete range of accesories and add-ons for adding new functionalities for existing equipment and the engineering resources and mental flexibility to implement them

Bionet´s is a partner for the project life cycle, with a view and resources to guarantee many years of successful performance of our bioprocess equipment.

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