Scale-up of a bioprocess forbio-polymers productionusing animal by-products.

 In Scientific Academy

The production model of circular economy is becoming a focus of
attention in our society. One of the solutions proposed by this model
is waste revalorization. Most of the waste revalorization processes
are based in the biotransformation of these waste materials into
new valuable ones. In previous works, a fermentation process that
aimed to use slaughterhouse waste as a substrate to produce
bio-polymers by a microbial conversion was stablished. First, the
biowaste and the bacterial strain were selected after several experiments. Afterwards, with the biowaste source and the strain chosen,
the optimal conditions to produce the bio-polymers in a bioreactor
were determined. Here, the fermentation process developed was
scaled-up to demonstrate the industrial possibilities of it. The results
that we have obtained are promising. Although, it is necessary to
optimize the process to achieve higher yields. Thus, reducing the
production costs to be competitive in the market

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