Focused on new technology




Technology and technological support has always been at the heart of both Biotech and Bionet.

The evolution of bioprocess needs and the emergence of novel ones (e.g. the food meat culturing field), requires technological provider-companies to keep innovating and re-thinking their strategy. 

This ranges from shaping services to the reality of each project, to proposing adaptations of existing bioreactor and TFF system designs to the new bioprocess requirements (when these are required to meet realistic and niche-generalized process demands).

Through both our R&D experience, our product engineering one and our fully-equipped pilot plant in which both services to clients as well as proprietary R&D takes place, we can afford a continuous adaptation of all the assets for our clients. All this with the aim to increase the feasibility and then the efficiency of the biomanufacturing processes, reducing the time it takes for biotech firms to bring new products to market.

Bionet has developed specific R&D collaborations with various market players (including universities, RTOs and companies), with the objective to offer continuous improvement and advancement of the current technologies to ongoing research projects we collaborate with, to support their process development and scale-up targets as well as to contribute to the generation of new "science" (e.g. by proposing innovative process strategies). For a tangible example of these activities and results you can visit our Knowledge Hub as well as our collaboration case examples.


Our Pilot Plant

Our pilot plant is the hub of all our research and development activities.

This is where we perform technology screening and development, scale up and optimization studies, proof-of-concept and process development activities for our clients microbial fermentation and TFF processes as well as client training and fermentation courses.

The pilot plant, equipped with F0, F1, F2 and M1 as well as auxiliary equipment, is also where our thesis, internship and scholarship students perform their research projects and where bionet own research and product development takes place.



Our R&D experience and focus are related to the mechanical details of bioreactors and downstream processes, with the aim of new equipment designs, the integration of on-site process analytical technologies within our software solutions for the complete automation of bioprocesses, new ways of applying filtration and separation processes in a wide range of bioproducts and continuous processes through the combination of bioreactors and subsequent membranes.