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In Bionet’s trajectory a lot of the work and expertise has been developed around industrial scale projects, and 2017 has been a great year for this, with bioproduction plants put in place by Bionet for clients working in the monoclonal antibodiesanimal vaccine and biocide production fields in three different European countries.

As a representative example, Bionet has had the opportunity to be the supplier of a Microbial Upstream Pilot Plant for the production of a monoclonal antibody for the biopharma division of Polpharma Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe company based in Poland.

Bionet has designed, manufactured and validated the seed and production bioreactorsthe auxiliary equipment (such as the CIP and the feeding, media preparation and harvesting tanks), and the tangential flow filtration system for the downstream part of the process. Additionally, Bionet has been an integrator for other leading vendor’s technologies, including a centrifuge. Last but definitely not least, Bionet has designed an unique automation solution for the monitoring, automation and control of the process at both, individual equipment- and complete plant- levels (from a central SCADA).

This comprises one of those times when a picture should not mean more than a thousand words, since these equipment represent only the part of the work that can acquire a tangible and physical shape. A giant piece of the work stays inside the walls in the form of:

  • An intense activity of knowledge transfer between client-supplier.
  • The internal generation of mechanisms to process and integrate both all the previously defined process requirements and the constantly-evolving needs by the client.
  • Bionet’s unconditional support in the design of work flows and procedures of the bioprocessing steps, which comprise critical steps in the election of the number of equipment, layout of the plant and configuration of individual equipment and according to the budget and technological needs.
  • Bionet’s tightness to meticulous working operational procedures that allow for documental evidence at all project stages and further GMP compliance.
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