Flexible Gas Module

This is the software module you need to be able to select other gas than air and O2, required for anaerobic processes or to use CO2 as an acidifying agent for pH control.

The software Flexible Gas Module allows the free assignation of gas to each gas line, their automatic supply in a number of ways and the data visualization and registration capabilities.

features and accesories

It offers a range of gas combination possibilities

The selection from Air/N2 for gas line 1 and O2/N2/CO2 for gas line 2 allows to hold a large number of processes, from those that require O2 enrinchment, to anaerobic processes, to acid-sensitive processes that require CO2 as an acidifyer.

Its Plug&Play design allows for an immediate use of these features upon purchasing

Upon its activation, Bionet’s software will automatically upgrade all the related control options (e.g. pH control, DO cascade, direct gas supply), as well as the visualization and registration tools.


The FGM software module enhances further data and process control possibilities

The Flexible Gas Module for Bionet’s software allows for different control strategies, from the direct configuration of gas flows (independent flows or a total gas flow and gas composition percentages), to the linkage of CO2 supply to the pH control, to the configuration of N2 as part of the DO cascade

The Flexible Gas Module activates automatic gas label changes according to the selected gas every time for the correct data registration and visualization features. It integrates the gas flow measurements in the trend and comparative graphs of Bionet’s software and enables its extraction in .csv format.

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