The bScale is the Plug&Play module that you need for the connection of scales, from a range of scale precisions and brands used in lab and production settings.

The bScale brings together the hardware and software solutions for the connection of scales, to enhance process precision and be recognized automatically by ROSITA software to allow for data features and control possibilities of weight-associated operation strategies.

features and accesories

It offers the connectivity interface for the Plug&Play of various scales

The bScale module allows for the connection of scales, from a range of scale precisions and brands used in lab and production settings. This reduces the investment by allowing the user to use its own one.


The bScale module enhances further data features of the scales and their adjustment power over the addition and withdrawal functions

The bScale software module allows for addition and withdrawal control capabilities (i.e. bioreactor volume control), by using the weight data to trigger process actions in several ways:

•By configuring desired weight values, thereby creating control loops with the pumps (feedback automation known as gravimetric control).

•By using the weight data as a programmable transition in the recipe-based control mode by ROSITA, to trigger the transition to another process stage.

The bScale software module enables weight data exportation in .csv and visualization in the various real-time tools (e.g. trend and comparative graphs) offered by Bionet’s software.


The CPM, in turn, can be further expanded with extras to enhance precision, or to enable further data and control possibilities… Find more about these options…


The bScale Module is comprised of a connectivity module designed to recognize most of the scales in lab and production settings, and the scale(s) themselves.

It expands the bioreactor weight control functions, by providing visualization and registration of weight measurements data as well as by providing feedback control of the addition and/or withdrawal pumps if present.

OD Sensor

The OD sensor is recognized by the software to allow for turbidity measurement data to be visualized real-time, registered and to expand the bioreactor automation possibilities.

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