The Plug&Play module you need to carry out different continuous strategies for an increase in your bioprocess productivity.

The bCPM brings together the hardware and software technological solutions for the application advanced addition and withdrawal functions (i.e. execution of continuous processes) in a precise, reproducible and analysable way.

features and accesories

Its Plug&Play design allows for an immediate usage upon purchase

The bCPM includes everything for its direct connection to the Ethernet of a compatible bioreactor and the subsequent recognition and automatic upgrade of Bionet’s software capabilities.

A combined and flexible pump technology as the core

The bCPM expands the bioreactor with two extra pumps for media addition and bioreactor bleeding functions.


The CPM software module enhances further data and process control possibilities

The bCPM software counterpart offers different pump control strategies, including:

•Direct configuration (non-feedback automation) of constant, lineal or exponential flow rates and the possibility to configure cycles, which allow to pause gas and agitation supply to favour sedimentation before the withdrawal action.

•Establishment of a control loops (feedback automation) that relate flow rates with specific measurements, including turbidity, weight, or the other pump’s flow. This requires the further expansion with additional modules or PATs such as the bScale or an OD probe.

•Activation of flow rate upon the occurrence of an event (time ormeasurement) configuredas a recipe transition.

The bCPM software module also activates data registration and visualization features. It integrates the flow measurements by the addition and withdrawal pumps in the trend and comparative graphs of Bionet’s software and enables its extraction in .csv format.


The CPM, in turn, can be further expanded with extras to enhance precision, or to enable further data and control possibilities… Find more about these options…


The bScale Module is comprised of a connectivity module designed to recognize most of the scales in lab and production settings, and the scale(s) themselves.

It expands the bioreactor weight control functions, by providing visualization and registration of weight measurements data as well as by providing feedback control of the addition and/or withdrawal pumps if present.

OD Sensor

The OD sensor is recognized by the software to allow for turbidity measurement data to be visualized real-time, registered and to expand the bioreactor automation possibilities.

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