The Plug&Play module you need to carry out O2/CO2 composition analysis of your bioreactor exhaust gas (i.e. metabolic predictions) and get the maximum of this data to enhance the quality and productivity of your process.

The bBreath brings together the hardware and software technological solutions for the measurement of the O2/CO2 composition of the exhaust gas in a precise, fairly continuous and analysable way

features and accesories

Available for different number of gas lines, which frees lab space and reduces investment requirements

The bBreath is available in different formats, from its single sensor version (bBreath-1) to its 4 lines multiplexer version (bBreath-4), able to analyze up to 4 bioreactor exhaust gas lines.

Their Plug&Play design enhances its readiness upon purchase

They include everything for their direct connection to a compatible bioreactor and the subsequent recognition and automatic upgrade of Bionet’s software capabilities.

Accessible from any device and compatible with any bioreactor

The bBreath-4 is designed under an IoT architecture. Its control App is accessible from any device (Chrome browser is needed), while its embedded OPC Server expands its compatibilty options with bioreactor control systems and high-level laboratory control and management software packages.

An unique combination of the most reputed sensing technologies

The Rugged Zirconia O2 sensor is manufactured by Sensotec, and the IR CO2 sensor by Vaisala, the leading manufacturers of these technologies.

bbreath bioreactor module

A well thought P&ID design that enhances consistency and precision

A reference gas line is present, which ensures calibration verification and adjustment in a continuous manner.

The wider measurement range in the market

The O2 can be measured from 10^(-20) ppm to 30%. Wider ranges are available upon demand.

The CO2 can be measured from 0 to 20%.


The bBreath software module enhances further data and process control possibilities.

The bBreath allows for additional control possibilities, since it offers the possibility to use the measured and calculated data (OUR, CER, RQ) as a programmable transition to trigger different actions from the recipe-based control mode by ROSITA.

The bBreath module also activates data registration and visualization features. It integrates the O2/CO2 measurements as well as the OUR, CER and RQ values in the trend and comparative graphs of Bionet’s software and enables its extraction in .csv format.

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