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Advanced Gas Module

The Advanced Gas Module, for automatic mixing of up to 5 gases and their inlet via both sparger and overlay is always included in the Cell Culture models. Strategies to operate this control in MARTA include Direct gas and Total gas flow, as well as DO cascade mode, recipe-based control or pH control loop. Registration […]

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Permeate flow scale

The permeate flow scale is connected and integrated into ROSITA-D to enable visualization and registration of the permeate flow, which allows the user to calculate the permeate flux depending on the membranes that is being used.

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Clean in Place

BIONET offers a fully integrated CIP system all in the same frame, with no extra-footprint, with a premium recirculating pump, using the dossing pumps for acid and base additions and the pH probe for control. The CIP can be done withour external devicen and controlled with the MARTA software, in which the CIP Module allows for programming of cleaning cycles in recipes. This recipes can be created and saved to allow for standardization of cleaning and productivity.

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Upstream Services

We reduce the «time-to-market» of new bioproducts thanks to our expertise to provide a holistic bioprocess solution. We do this by accompanying our equipment with a range of process services that help clientes to take crucial decisions and support them all the way through the selection and operation of the technologies, and the acquisition of the scientific knowledge necessary to enhance the potential of the process. This includes Upstream Proof-of-Concept Trials, Upstream Optimization Services, Bioprocess Scale-Up, Installation and training and Fermentation Courses.

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Other Add-Ons

The Plug&Play module you need to carry out O2/CO2 composition analysis of your bioreactor exhaust gas (i.e. metabolic predictions) and get the maximum of this data to enhance the quality and productivity.

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