Total control at one click

MARTA is the Bioprocessing Automation SW created for our equipment when industrial production is the goal, when the customer has very specific needs (even at lab Level) and with all our stainless-steel equipment range. It is integrated by an SCADA and a complete PLC programming, all based on SIEMENS SCADA System SIMATIC WinCC environment.
We have off-the-shelve solutions for Fermentation, Cell Culture, Tangential Flow Filtration and Kill Systems. It can be adapted to other Bioprocesses under specific URs.
Robust and flexible, it has numerous significant capabilities including, from a broad perspective:

· Automation of main standard process as sterilization or fermentation/cell culturing processes.

· Multiple information details of the state of your process, stages, process parameters and alarms.

· Easy to programme advanced automation control loops capabilities, in a recipe environment, with multiple stages and easy to set logic transition between stages. The control loops are, when needed, configured around equations results customised to the client, around offline data points, etc.

· Possibility to be GMP-qualified by including the requirements stated under the CFR 21.11 norm.

· Configurable generation of batch reports.