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R&D Profile
In BIONET we dedicate a large part of our efforts to R&D, as well regarding the development of our products and services, as consortiums for the development of new bio-based processes and products agreed with other companies.

Our R&D activities regarding projects are focused on:

  • Design and construction of pilot plants, prototypes and demonstrative equipment.
  • Demonstration and process development activities.
  • Conceptual engineering and economic models for scale up of bioprocesses.
Our R&D activities regarding tehcnology are focused on:

  • Bioreactors and fermentors for aerobic and anaerobic processes.
  • Downstream of bioprocesses.
  • Continuous flow processes applying bioreactors and membranes.

Furthermore we are associated with institutions and organizations dedicated to promote and perform R&D, such as CETENMA, ASEBIO, CITEM and BRIDGE2020.

R&D Projects we have taken part in: