Choose Bioprocess International European Summit, choose Bionet, choose booth number 129. There we can talk about your needs and how we can help with our capabilities for industrial Cell Culture and Fermentation. You will also see our F0-BABY and browse through ROSITA. You will immediately fall in love with its automation, analysis and bioprocessing control capabilities. The F0 could be the first step for your industrial project in which BIONET is the perfect partner for complete bioproduction suites in biopharma and biotech.



Take a Night Train to Lisbon and visit us at booth #3. Bionet will be there, sharing spot with our partner HAMILTON. As a fruit of this collaboration you will be able to see our Bioprocess Automation Solutions integrating last generation instrumentation. Come by so that we can share our experience at industrial scale and our support services in process development.

LABORAMA (Brussels, 15th-16th March)


Visit Bionet and Optimus at booth P6, to see our bench-top F0-BABY bioreactor and our ROSITA software, that we will be exhibiting together with our distribution partner for BeneLux. The F0-BABY is our smallest fermentation toy in the range. Your entry point to our full range of Lab, Pilot and Industrial Solutions.



MARTA is born to be installed in the F2, F3 and FS series of Bionet’s fermenters, consolidating itself as the SW for advanced process monitoring, automation and control for pilot and industrial scale bioprocess activities.  
MARTA is desgined to be user-friendly, SMART, ANALYTICAL and CONNECTED

MARTA’s browsing screens outstand by its intuitive usage and beautiful appearance. An example of this is the synoptic view of the process, in which all actuators status and parameters present values can be observed and where all control windows can easily be accessed in an organized way for the configuration of the different control loops.
MARTA is SMART in that it allows various forms of automation, including:

  • Manual operation of many actuators, including the addition pumps, the agitator and the opening and closing of valves, among others.
  • Direct Set Point profiling of all process parameters for the activation of the different control loops.
  • Configuration of cascade-mode control profile of DO levels.
  •  A recipe-based automation approach, with several programmable stages and event- and time- based transitions.

Bionet firmly believes in the power of the ANALYTICAL at all levels of the bioprocessing activities, ranging from research and scaling-up studies (during which the characterization of strains and processes is a primordial step to reach successful results in the future), to the biomanufacturing scale. This way, the developers of MARTA have attributed great importance to the fields of visual and analytical tools and the data management arenas. As a result, the display, analysis and management of data is supported by:
  • On-line trend and comparative graphs.
  • The possibility to introduce offline data and integrate them within the graphs and the control options.
  • Generation of standard reports.

Finally, MARTA also features:
  • Alarms management capabilities, with alarms and interlocks having been programmed with the purpose of ensuring safety and the quality of the process. The alarms interface shows a list of alarms and its details (a description, an activation time, the duration and the status).
  • User management and access control capabilities, layered into 4 operative access levels (administrator, maintenance, supervisor and operator) for which different operational capabilities are enable.
  • GMP compliance by being designed to meet the CFR 21 Part 11 standards in audit trail, traceability, data authenticity and integrity and recovery.



In Bionet’s trajectory a lot of the work and expertise has been developed around industrial scale projects, and 2017 has been a great year for this, with bioproduction plants put in place by Bionet for clients working in the monoclonal antibodies, animal vaccine and biocide production fields in three different European countries.

As a representative example, Bionet has had the opportunity to be the supplier of a Microbial Upstream Pilot Plant for the production of a monoclonal antibody for the biopharma division of Polpharma Group, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe company based in Poland.

Bionet has designed, manufactured and validated the seed and production bioreactors, the auxiliary equipment (such as the CIP and the feeding, media preparation and harvesting tanks), and the tangential flow filtration system for the downstream part of the process. Additionally, Bionet has been an integrator for other leading vendor’s technologies, including a centrifuge. Last but definitely not least, Bionet has designed an unique automation solution for the monitoring, automation and control of the process at both, individual equipment- and complete plant- levels (from a central SCADA).

This comprises one of those times when a picture should not mean more than a thousand words, since these equipment represent only the part of the work that can acquire a tangible and physical shape. A giant piece of the work stays inside the walls in the form of:

  • An intense activity of knowledge transfer between client-supplier.
  • The internal generation of mechanisms to process and integrate both all the previously defined process requirements and the constantly-evolving needs by the client.
  • Bionet’s unconditional support in the design of work flows and procedures of the bioprocessing steps, which comprise critical steps in the election of the number of equipment, layout of the plant and configuration of individual equipment and according to the budget and technological needs.
  • Bionet’s tightness to meticulous working operational procedures that allow for documental evidence at all project stages and further GMP compliance.

BIONET applies the highest mechanical standards in the agitation system of its bioreactors. In addition, BIONET customises them at their best


At BIONET, practical integration of knowledge derived from research as well as that gained from our clients’ experience happens on a continuous manner. This is vital to our evolution as a company and to the technological development and success of our products.

An example of this is the effort that we deploy in adapting the design of our fermenters’ agitation systems to each particular project. We do not show ourselves content to simply apply the standards (in terms of components and considered scale-up parameters) as a whole. Instead we perform meticulous calculations and simulations to ensure that the whole of the technological solution we select and the safety measures we incorporate are the most suitable to our clients’ broth and process.

By investing in this we contribute our grain of sand to improve our clients’ bioprocesses productivity at different levels:

• Improvement of the quality of the product (by the adaptation of the stirrer size, type and agitation parameters to the specific process requirements).

• Assurance of the integrity of all agitation components, that could be compromised when special agitation conditions apply, and enhancement of the cost-effectiveness of the projects. In order to achieve this, our mechanical engineering department performs, among others, agitation and design calculations that combined with the use of advanced stress simulation tools, allow us to validate or modify our designs accordingly to meet special requirements.

• Optimization of energy costs, which are often higher than they should be as a result of an inefficient design of the agitation components or and overestimation of the requirements. This is usually unperceived since it does not necessarily has a direct negative impact on the product.


Planning our next appearance in the innational landscape: the World Vaccine Congress


We hope to see you all in the fall of the summer at the 18th edition of the annual World Vaccine Congress, in Barcelona, where we will share our newest bench-top bioreactor (F0-BABY) and insights into our most recent experience with a vaccine bioproduction plant.

We will be attending as exhibitors with a stand, where we expect that our F0-BABY bioreactor, an entry-level, cost-effective and research friendly bench-top bioreactor/fermenter will be available for curious people to see and touch.

In addition and more closely to the underlying topic of the whole congress, we hope to be able to reach out to people that may be considering the implementation of new production plants. We will be happy to share our most recent experience with the design, construction and start-up of a highly automated animal vaccine production plant, consisting on 2 production fermenters of up to 500L, a Sterile Tangential Flow Filtration unit and a Formulation skid.

Good September to all and see you soon!

Hosting the second General Assembly of the European Greenprotein project at our headquarters


We always feel excited to be part of the Bio-based Industries Consortium, where engaging with bio-projects that bring lab stories to the marketplace in which they can have a societal impact BECOMES POSSIBLE!

An example of this is the GREENPROTEIN project, which was granted a 5.5M euro to industrialize the isolation and purification of RuBisCo, a protein derived from vegetable waste, and to commercialize its production.

BiONET’s role in this ambitious project is a crucial one: the scale-up of the process, from lab to industrial scale.

After a year of operation, BIONET feels very lucky to host the Second General Assembly of the project, where key achievements will be shared by all active members, who have travelled half Europe down to our headquarters in Spain.

ROSITA, a flower for you in Valentine’s Day


We want to profit from Valetine´s Day to announce the release of ROSITA, our new Software for bench scale and pilot equipment.

ROSITA will be our new user Interface for Bioprocess control. It will be incorporated to all BIONET´s bench scale and pilot equipment from April 2017.

It's intuitive, analytical, intelligent, safe, connected and flexible.

ROSITA has been made with love. Love for bioprocess, for technology and for our clients; aiming to make their work easier and productive.

Keep posted on our next communications to know more about its impressive capabilities and availability.

We expand our FATs capabilities


We have expanded our FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) capabilities! At BIONET, we have invested heavily to expand our utilities (steam, compressed air & cooling water) at the back-stage of our facilities.

This enables us to fully perform tests on bioreactors of working volume above 3,000 L as well as complete bioproduction lines before shipping. WE ALL WIN! Our clients can have the certainty that we deliver what we promised before shipping to site, while we can reduce the risks at SATs. This new utilities will also increase the quality of services provided at our Pilot Plant, including the development of Downstream processes.



BIOSPAIN is the largest biotech event organized by a national bioindustry association in Europe and one of the largest in the world by the number of one-to-one meetings (+3.300) and companies participating (+850). BIONET is proud to support this major event as Gold Sponsor. BIOSPAIN 2016 will take place in BILBAO 28th-30th of September. We will be present with our booth at (C-08/B-09) where we will be pleased to talk about our last developments in Bioprocess Equipments and Solutions.

Seminar on scaling up of biotech processes


In the framework of BIOSPAIN16, we sponsor a seminar on Scaling-up Bioprocess. It will take place at Room D , Wednesday September 28th, from 12:30-14:00.

The session is eminently practical and is aimed at industry professionals which do work in biotechnological processes at R&D, engineering, production or funding/finance roles; to share practical knowledge about the scaling of biotechnological processes. Three prestigious speakers, through their hands on the job experience, will transmit the methodology for a successful change of scale, which is a critical part of any biotechnology venture.

For further information see

Bionet awarded European funding for the isolation and purification of proteins


BIONET has been awarded, as part of a consortium of 9 partners, EU funding from the BBI-H2020 to industrialize a process for the isolation and purification of functional proteins from food byproducts. The general objective of the GreenProtein project, is to establish a demo plant for the extraction and purification of functional RuBisCo protein isolate at industrial scale.

BIONET will lead the Engineering, Construction and Start-up works, being responsible for the scale-up of the lab process to industrial scale. The demo plant that will be placed into a marine container will be ready to be “plugged” to a vegetable industry production line, an easily replicable system with a high spreading projection in whole EU.

The total budget for the project is 5,5 Million € and will last 4,5 years, starting on September 2016.

Successfully completed the construction of a pilot biorefinery


BIONET has successfully completed in record time the design and construction of the Clamber pilot biorefinery in Puertollano. This project was adjudicated to BIONET in June 2015 and has been successfully commissioned in December of that same year.

The scope of the contract included a fermentation laboratory with equipments from 3 to 30 litres, a complete train of media preparation and fermentation with bioreactors of 300, 3000 and 20,000 litres of working volume and a downstream area for biomass clarification, which includes tangential flow filtration, centrifugation, and solvent extraction technologies.

The project’s success has been based on several factors, including that BIONET has already developed a complete range of equipment. This allows performing construction engineering in a very short time and with known and proven suppliers. On the other hand, the design model in "skid" allows the delivery of equipment pre-tested in our facilities.

With this Project, BIONET has demonstrated its extraordinary ability that makes it a leading supplier for bioprocess plants in the European market.

Bionet at Farmaforum 2016


BIONET has exhibited with great success in Farmaforum 2016 in Madrid. The fair has brought together leading Spanish and multinational companies of the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, cosmetics and laboratory technology industries. At Bionet’s booth, delegates from the various participating companies were able to learn our latest developments in bioreactors, filtration and membrane separation plants and CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) systems, in addition to developing capabilities and downstream process design.

The pharmaceutical sector growth for the coming years is expected to focus primarily on biotechnology in different areas, such as diagnostics, vaccines, new treatments and biosimilars.

Due to its technology, BIONET is the ideal partner for process development and supply of equipment and complete production lines.

Annual course on industrialization of biological processes, Murcia October 23rd


BIONET will host the third annual meeting of the European R&D SYNPOL. The SYNPOL project ( is an R&D project financed by the 7thFP, and has the objective of developing the technology for the production of biopolymers from feedstocks.

As part of the divulgation activities a course on the “Industrialization of Bioprocesses” will take place October 23rd at Parque Científico at the University of Murcia.

The aim of the course is to provide individuals with an introduction to scale-up concepts in industrial settings for the production of biotechnological products.

More information and registration at course info.

From 14 to October 15, BIONET will attend BioProduction 2015 in Dublin


BioProduction 2015 brings together 118 world around the world between bioprocess equipment suppliers and biopharmaceutical companies.

BIONET will be present (Booth 19) where we will be pleased to talk about our solutions in Bioprocess Equipments. We will show our late developments in Bioreactors, Cross-Flow Filtration systems, CIPs (Cleaning in Place) and Process Development.

With this attendance, Bionet looks to consolidate as a leader in the global biopharmaceutical industry, where already has a large market share thank to the quality of our equipment and services.

BIONET has been adjudicated the construction of a pilot bio-refinery in Puertollano (Spain)


The Research and Agricultural and Forestry Development Institute (IRIAF) of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) has adjudicated Bionet Engineering the construction of a pilot bio-refinery in Puertollano, focused on bioenergy processes development.

The scope of this contract includes the supply of different process packages that evolve the Midstream and Downstream of a pilot scale bio-refinery. This includes a fermentation lab with 3 and 30L equipment, a full media preparation and fermentation train with bioreactors with working volumes of 300, 3,000 and 20,000L and a downstream area for biomass clarification.

Within the same project, BIONET has been awarder of the design and supply of utilities, which include instrument and process steam, refrigeration and air supply.

The construction of the Bio-refinery is 80% financed by FEDER funds. This project seeks to promote bio-economy research, providing process development services to companies in the sector. Therefore, interested companies have the opportunity to run experiments at closer scale to industrial in order to assess the potential industrial applications of their studies.

With the adjudication of this project, Bionet Engineering reappears as a global leader in technology and equipment for bioprocesses, both pilot-scale and industrial. Its experience comes from the pharmaceutical industry and currently has developed a line of technologies and equipment for other emerging industrial biotechnology sectors.

Bionet, exclusive sponsor of the new journal of science of the Institute of Biotechnology of the UNAM (IBt)


Bionet has been the exclusive sponsor of the first issue of the quarterly journal "Biotecnología en Movimiento" ("Biotechnology in Motion"), new journal of science of the Institute of Biotechnology (IBt) of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

The UNAM is a 100 years old university, which has always strongly invested in research and technological development. In this regard, the UNAM created its own Institute of Biotechnology (IBT) 25 years ago. The IBt has 39 different research groups where 102 researchers are currently working, and with 288 master students and 213 PhD students graduated to date.

The IBt actively collaborates with national and international companies achieving excellent milestones, such as the development of technology to produce semi-synthetic penicillins and cephalosporins.

Through this sponsorship, BIONET confirms its commitment with scientific research in biotechnology, and especially in Mexico. With several projects already running, Mexico is a priority market for the equipment supply and advanced services BIONET offers.

Journal website

Workshop of Methods and Technologies for Industrialization of Biotechnological Processes


We continue with the line started in our previous workshop of bringing concrete experiences and practical knowledge on the scaling up of biotechnological processes for companies and research groups.

This workshop’s scope is to introduce participants to the appropriate methodologies and suitable technological tools regarding scaling up of the usual processes in industrial biotechnology. We seek to reduce, or at least limit, technological risks and times for development projects.

As a novelty, a presentation on the implementation of GMP in biotechnological processes is incorporated.

This workshop will take place on January 29, 2015 from 9.00AM to 1.30PM at IQS Vía Augusta 390, Barcelona.

Please follow this link to register.

Please follow this link to check the programme.

Pharmtech 2014


Established over 15 years, Pharmtech is the leading show for the pharmaceutical industry and technology for Russia and Central Asian Markets. Pharmtech brings together 324 exhibitors from 27 countries. The PharmTechProm Forum features presentations and seminars from leading specialists in the industry, with special focus given to innovative products, processing technologies and plans for market development.

BIONET will be present (Hall 75A, Booth A449) where we will be grateful to talk about our solutions in Bioprocess Equipments and Solutions. We will show our late developments in Bioreactors, Cross Flow Filtration systems, CIPs (Cleaning in Place) and Process Developments. If you want to book a meeting please contact us through e-mail to best prepare your call.

Bionet at Biospain 2014


BIOSPAIN 2014 will be held in its 7th edition in Santiago de Compostela (24th-26th September 2014) featuring a trade exhibition, a partnering event, an investment forum, top level seminars & conferences and a career. Since its first edition, launched back in the year 2003, it has become one of the leading biotechnology events in Europe.

BIONET will be present (Booth F9) where we will be grateful to talk about our solutions in Bioreactors and Filtration and Separation Membrane systems. If you want to book a meeting please contact us through e-mail to best prepare your call.

Workshop of Methods and Technologies for Industrialization of Biotechnological Processes


BIONET, in collaboration with CIB-CSIC, organizes a new edition of the “Workshop of Methods and Technologies for Industrialization of Biotechnological Processes”, conferences that proved to be a success in the last edition on November 2013.

This workshop’s scope is to provide an inicial approach, from a practical perspective, to which are the appropriate methodologies and suitable technological tools regarding scaling up of bio-processes; from lab to industrial size.

The workshop is oriented to scientists and process engineers dedicated to development of biotechnological processes.

Along the conferences we will show a small exhibition of fermentation, filtration and centrifugation pilot plants.

You have a date at:

CIB-CSIC, Ramiro de Maeztu 9, Madrid
March 27, 2014, 9 am to 1:30 pm

Big success of BIONET´s presence at BIOTECHNICA


BIOTECHNICA 2013 has confirmed its status as Europe's flagship fair for biotechnology, the life sciences and lab technology. The three-day BIOTECHNICA in Hannover, with 670 expositors and more than 12.000 visitors, served as the central hub for the entire European biotech industry.

BIONET´s presence has raised a keen interest in potential users and distributors, not only for the German market also for India, China, Arab Emirates, Russia and other countries with an strong potential for growth in the bio-economy.

SYMBORG, with Bionet´s technology support, awarded as innovative company


SYMBORG wins the national award for innovative companies called “Emprendedores XXI”, created by La Caixa y with the support of ENISA (National Innovation Company). They have been awarded for innovation and sustainaibility for their novel production of biofertilizers for intensive agricultural production.

SYMBORG have developed their biotecnological processes in BIONET´s serie F Bioreactors and with the support of its process development team.

El Dr Felix Fernandez, founder and CTO has declared  “BIONET´s is a very good equipment. From the start all process up-scale have been a great success and all the parameters controlled by a practice and intuitive software".

BIONET provides solutions for fermentation and membrane filtration for industrial biotechnology, including equipment and process development services to help clients achieve their goals in the development and industrialization of novel bio-products and bio-processes.

BIONET expondrá en BIOTECHNICA HANNOVER 8-10 octubre de 2013


BIONET expondrá sus equipos piloto para la industrialización de procesos biotecnológicos en BIOTECHNICA HANNOVER los días 8, 9 y 10, con un stand propio L550. BIOTECHNICA es la feria líder en Europa de equipamiento y tecnología para los sectores de Biotecnología, Ciencias de la Vida y Laboratorio.

BRIDGE 2020 supera la aprobación de la comisión europea


El BRIDGE 2020 o Public Partnership para el desarrollo de la BIOECONOMICA en europa, del que BIONET forma parte, ha superado la etapa de aprobación por la comisión europea; con una asignación

BIONET presenta el F3, nuevo biorreactor/fermentador de Laboratorio


BIONET presenta el F3. El F3 es un biorreactor/fermentador autoclavable de sobremesa diseñado para responder a los exigentes y variados requisitos de la I+D en procesos biotecnológicos y biofarmacéuticos. Un sistema fácil de usar, flexible y ampliable que incorpora la más alta tecnología del sector, con un servicio de alta calidad y una inversión ajustada.