Mission, Vision and Values
To help our clients to reach their R&D, productivity and profitability goals of their bioprocesses by addressing their needs with our equipment and engineering services.

To be the European leader of equipment and engineering services for the bio-based industries and the industrialization of bioprocesses.

Bionet´s human team works under a culture of excellence, embodied in three basic principles:

  • Technology and Innovation: we seek continuous improvement of our products and services, integrating our passion for science and technology together with imagination, methodology and a desire for excellence.
  • Method: tthe methodology used at work, rigorous and professional, is the best guarantee of success, minimizing mistakes and deviations from project objectives, all under a quality control system based on ISO 9000.
  • Commitment to the customer: our success is the success of the project as a whole (technology, economics and social). We are flexible and adapt in each case to the availability and capabilities of the customer.