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Bioprocess Equipment
The F series, is a complete range of laboratory and pilot scale bioreactosrs/fermentors for the R&D and the industrialization of bioprocesses. They are available from lab units with working volumes of less than 3 liters to units for pilot development of 300 liters.
The M series is a range of laboratory and pilot scale cross-flow filtration units for R&D and industrialization of separation processes. They are available from lab size, with working volumes of less than 3 liters, to pilot units able to process a 500 liters batch.


BIONET has developed a complete range of Bioprocess equipment including series of bioreactors / fermentors, Cross-Flow Filtration Systems and Cleaning in Place Systems (CIPs).

Each of these series includes models throughout the range of use. From small R&D equipment, both in laboratory and pilot plant, to industrial scale equipment.

These different units share a design philosophy we believe makes our current technological proposal unique.

The designs incorporate the latest mechanical and instrumentation and control technology, being at the forefront of the industry. Buying BIONET’s you guarantee a solution up to date that will offer many years of service.

The 3D design is open and orderly, facilitating access to all system components and service delivery equipment.

Furthermore, all equipment share proven engineering solutions common to each series and also shared between series. This reduces the need for maintenance and simplifies your purchases.

All bioreactors and filtration equipment are available for both cell culture and microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts and fungi).