CIP Systems

BIONET CIP Systems are engineered to warranty effective and efficient equipment cleaning of your lines, vessels, reactors and process units. Our designed are based on proven engineering solutions (process, equipment and control SW) and we adapt them to specific project and client needs.

Cleaning in an integrated and automated way helps warranty process quality, and maintains reproducibility and operation data control.

With this equipment you will have the security and tranquility of a complete and traceable cleaning of all your systems and you will be able to easily configure its operation against process changes or new requirements.

BIONET’s series include standard models to clean process vessels from 30 to 50,000 liter of volume, plus piping and ancillary equipment. 

Portable or stationary design. One-tank (Wash & Rinse) or Multi-tank version for shorter process cycle.

BIONET specialized staff, in addition to supplying equipment, can provide support to design and optimize your cleaning recipes.

Full automated version with process instrumentation and control through ROSA+SW. HMI Touch Panel PC 12”.

CIP units are available in GMP version, design and manufactured under ASME-BPE standards available on demand. It includes CFR 21.11 version of ROSA+ SW.

C50 Series
Cleaning for your pilot units.

The C50 series include models with capacity for cleaning equipment with volumes of 10-100L. These models are ideal for pilot plants and small production plants.

C500-C3000 Series
The support for your industrial processes

If your process involves larger production volumes where savings in time can be important, the C500/ C300 series are the ideal solution. These series start from where the C50 series is obsolete, including models with capacity for cleaning equipment 200-5,000L volumes.

C10000 Series
Cleaning for the larger scales

If your process involves large industrials volumes the automation of cleaning processes becomes crucial. For these cases, the C10000 series features models with capacity for cleaning equipment 10,000-50,000L volumes.

The Custom Engineering

BIONET has the capability to design and manufacture CIP units with features that best suit your manufacturing process, regardless of scale. When our standard units are not enough please contact us to help you solve your industrial need.