Bioreactors Fermentors

The F series range of laboratory and pilot scale bioreactors/fermentors for the R&D and the industrialization of bioprocesses. They are available from lab units with working volumes of less than 1 litres to industrial production units of 3000 litres.

All our fermenters come with our FCU (Fermentor Control Unit) which does integrate most of utilities, process and instrumentation interfaces, gas supply and pumps. It also comes with a  12,1” tactile panel as HMI.

For the control and automation, of your fermentation or cell culture process, BIONET has developed the advanced software R.O.S.A.+ (Research Oriented Software Application). ROSA+ is a powerful tool with an intuitive interface that incorporates all the functions necessary for integrated process control and data analysis and management.

cGMP units version and manufacturing under ASME-BPE standards available on demand. It includes CFR 21.11 version of ROSA+ SW.

The F0-BABY model is the optimal entry level autoclavable fermenter/bioreactor for bioprocessing activities in the microbiology and cell culturing fields.

F1 models includes autoclavable bench scale biorreactors/fermentors designed to meet the R&D requirements in biotechnological and biopharmaceutical processes. The system is user friendly, flexible, and incorporates the highest technology standards of the sector.

F2 models are the perfect solution for all those seeking for a sterilisable in place (SIP) bioreactor/ fermentor, incorporating the latest technology and offering both, a user friendly and with a premium quality service.

This BIONET’s models are a unique concept for those seeking for a sterilisable in place (SIP) bioreactor/ fermentor of almost industrial size but the quality of a standardize product with local costs, incorporating “state of the art” technology.